Lines And Ladders

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You are invited to play Lines And Ladders with Kirsty Surgey, a PhD researcher from the University of Sheffield.

A game of family histories – a chance to share stories – a genealogical journey of excitement and disappointment that takes place at a table in a café…

It is completely FREE to participate, but please note that places are  limited.  Each game is played with a maximum of 3 audience participants. Games last approximately 60 minutes.

Locations, Dates and Times:

This research project is now complete. This page remains for information.

Important Information:

This is part of a PhD research project investigating the sharing of personal stories in public spaces. During the game, Kirsty will be sharing some stories about her adventures in family history and you will be given opportunities to share your own stories.

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Following the game Kirsty will be writing notes about her experience of playing the game with you as part of a performance diary documenting this research and you will be asked to complete a short feedback form describing your responses. You will be able to state if you wish your contributions to the research to be anonymised, but please be aware that you may still be identifiable from the details that you choose to share.

There may be photographs taken during the performance; you will be given an opportunity to indicate if you are happy to be included in these.

Every week a summary of Kirsty’s working journal and photographs will be published at

Material created by playing the game will be used in Kirsty’s PhD thesis and available online as an ethesis; it may also be used online, in research papers, publications and public presentations given by Kirsty. Unpublished materials generated by Lines And Ladders will be destroyed within 5 years of the project’s completion.

Contact details and name will be kept confidentially through the Eventbrite webpage and shared only with the venue in order to manage the performance. These will be stored for as long as they are required for participation in the project.

Personal information will be stored securely and digital records will be maintained on a password protected computer.

If any sensitive data emerges within the performance this will be treated additional care and will only be used within analysis and documentation with the explicit permission of the participant.

Before the game starts, you will be asked to sign a consent form. The game can be played by people aged 6 and above, but if you are under 16 you will only be allowed to play with a parent or carer, who must sign a consent form for you.

You are free to withdraw at any point during the game and until the publication of the thesis. You can use this form to contact me or email me if you wish to withdraw.

PhD supervisor: Dr Carmen Levick, – 0114 2220212 – The University of Sheffield, Room 4.04c, Jessop West, Sheffield, S3 7RA

For more information about Kirsty Surgey’s PhD visit:

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This study has received ethical approval from the University of Sheffield, School of English Ethics Committee.

The University of Sheffield will act as the Data Controller for this study. This means that the University is responsible for looking after your information and using it properly.

In order to collect and use your personal information as part of this research project, we must have a basis in law to do so. The basis that we are using is that the research is ‘a task in the public interest’.

Further information, including details about how and why the University processes your personal information, how we keep your information secure, and your legal rights (including how to complain if you feel that your personal information has not been handled correctly), can be found in the University’s Privacy Notice logosBoard Game6xblankflat_Crop6_Jun18Original artwork by @ShaneSurgey