Lines And Ladders Performance Diary 10: The To-Do List

It’s been nearly a month since I returned from Edinburgh and I have had ‘write blog’ on my to-do list for all of that time. Every day I think I will find the time and then something else gets in the way.

I went to the Theatre and Performance Research Association Conference in Aberystwyth. For the second year running, I was part of the gallery. This year the gallery was actually a produce tent, such as you might find in a country show, in acknowledgement of the rural setting of the conference.  My contribution was to the preserves. Three jam jars preserving what I took away from Go On Without Me; a creative research project undertaken at York Minster.

There is teaching to be undertaken and work that was put to be one side to be completed ‘when I get back from Edinburgh’, must now be completed. The list gets longer and the performance diary remains on it, pushed forward to the next day.

On my way back from Aberystwyth, I visited a family friend in Herefordshire and took Lines And Ladders to a temporary café that was part of h-Art. Although this only resulted in half of a game, it was a useful learning experience. People were interested in the project and happy to talk about it, but were less willing to play, mostly it seemed because of the time required.

I am in the process of finding more suitable and willing venues for Lines And Ladders, so that I can expand the audiences. I have two confirmed games on the 24th November in Sheffield at the Treehouse Board Game Café. In most cafés, the game is a curiosity that may be casually observed, I am interested to see how this space, dedicated to board games will affect the play, the participation and the storytelling. As before the places are free, but extremely limited. If you would like to play you can reserve your place here:

This blog post fills a gap. It places me back in Sheffield. It locates me in mid-September, but it doesn’t do what I really need to do. It doesn’t tell the story of the game in Edinburgh. It doesn’t share the experience of playing in August. There is just so much to say, that I am finding it difficult to know where to start.

I shall start that tomorrow.

1.       Crosses ‘write blog’ off to-do list.

2.       Adds ‘write blog about Edinburgh experiences’ to the to-do list.


Go On Without Me produce in the TaPRA Gallery, with home grown Victoria plums unpreserved.

Photographs by Ffion Jones

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